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Poll: What gadget would you buy with $1000?


Poll: What gadget would you buy with $1000?

Hate it or love it, we are now in the era of phones that cost $1000 (personally, I hate it). That’s what we get though for demanding for that your mobile device has everything but the kitchen sink, literally. Mobile phones have never been more powerful than they are now and they’ll keep on getting more so, Moore’s Law be damned. They have the fastest processors, fastest and biggest RAM, the best rc transmitter, screens better than your TV and cameras that would make your DSLR quiver. All this adds to the hefty price tag. As expected, the behemoths of the industry, Samsung and Apple are leading the charge with the Note 8 costing as much as $949 for a start and the iPhone X starting at $999.

Me, I like my phones nice and cheap, N50,000-N70,000 being the sweet spot for me. As it currently stands, $1000 would be N365,000 or so as we speak. I’m curious to see what you would get if you came across that much.

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